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Who are the ministers of the Church?

A. The ministers of the Church are lay persons, bishops, priests, and deacons.
— Catechism, The Book of Common Prayer

In the Episcopal Church, every member is a minister. That ministry may take many forms. A simple act of kindness  to someone in need is ministry. Sharing one's experience of God with someone who is seeking is also ministry. Helping serve meals at a neighborhood soup kitchen is ministry. Teaching church school, being a youth minister, or serving on a parish vestry is ministry. Leading worship, and celebrating the sacraments as an ordained clergy person is also ministry.

At Grace Epiphany, in addition to the informal ministry of each member, there are several organized ministries shared by members of the congregation. A governing board called a Vestry oversees these areas of ministry. Two wardens assist in providing general oversight of all parish activities.

The formal ministries of Grace Epiphany include:

The ministry of liturgy is responsible for worship and other activities involved in preparing for and conducting worship services. Those involved in this ministry include:


Christian Formation:

The ministry of discipleship oversees all activities of the parish that are intended to increase our sense of community and identity as God's people in this place. This includes:


The ministry of outreach includes all activities intended to spread good news of God's rule (gospel) beyond the boundaries of the parish. This includes: